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Vancouver Art Studio Therapy Center is set up to make art therapy accessible to everyone in a unique creative art studio environment. We are passionate about arts and its immediate effect in healing and in the reshaping of everyday life experiences. We are committed to providing an excellent and caring service. 

Vancouver Art Studio Therapy Center provides art therapy services to the public and private sectors in a tailored art therapy studio environment.

Individual Art Therapy

Individual art therapy, one-on-one consultation, allows a focused approach to your mental health needs.  It usually takes place in a series of weekly, or bi/weekly sessions with the same art therapist. The sessions are client-led, no expectations, no judgement, and no experience with art or art materials is required. You will be encouraged to use the art materials in a creative way.  

You do not have to be ‘good at art’ to benefit from art therapy. The art objects produced will elicit conversations that are helpful to the psychotherapeutic process.  

You may self-refer to art therapy if you are self-funded, however if you would like to be subsidized, we suggest you make contact with your GP and request a professional referral. 

Children Art Therapy

Many adults have difficulties expressing themselves with words. In the case of a child who may be going through a difficult time, eg  experiencing a family divorce or trauma, bullying or in finding sexual identity, verbal expressions is even more challenging. Art therapy is usually a very effective way of working with children who may be going through such emotional stresses. 

Additionally Art Therapy is a recommended approach for children with clinical diagnosis eg. specific learning difficulties, ADHD, Autism, depression etc.

Professional Development

VAST focuses on providing a safe space for individuals to explore how artistic processes can enhance one’s well-being in a holistic way. Our workshops  and PD programs are run by experienced practitioners and supervisors.

  • Group Art Therapy 
  • Family Art Therapy 
  • Couples  Art Therapy
  • Lecture & Seminars

Check our website calendar for the upcoming events.

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Prices & Offers

  • 1     Session      $115
  • 5     Sessions    $460
  • 10   Sessions    $890 

        All art materials and GST are included.

  •    30  Mins free consultation session
  •    Discount 15% to Seniors, Students & Veterans
  •   Funding arrangement for whom is eligible

Co-op Art Therapy Space

The rate is $75 hourly including all materials.